3 Best Christian Gifts Ideas For Religious Friends

Christmas is fast approaching and we’re all preparing for the big day. We are often so busy thinking about the Christmas dinner, where to buy the Christmas tree and how to decorate the house, that it is so easy to forget about the true Christian meaning of Christmas. We need to take a deep breath and get back to our roots and think about the true meaning of giving meaningful presents to our family and loved ones.

If you have Christian friends then the task of choosing appropriate gifts that reflect their faith and have true meaning can be incredibly daunting. But, we’re here to help you with some wonderful ideas. Below we share 3 of the best Christmas ideas for your Christian friends.

1. Cross pendant jewellery

If you want to give your Christian friend a symbol of your love, then it is a great idea to swap the heart for a cross. This is the image that all Christians associate with, the sacrifice that our Lord God made for us all over 2,000 years ago. The cross really does hold a special place in every Christian’s heart. Any piece of jewellery that features a cross pendant will make a truly special Christmas gift. Choose a simple cross pendant on a silver chain, or a leather bracelet with small cross detailing.

2. A Christian calendar

Calendars make popular gifts for those leading a busy family life. Although a popular Christmas gift, you can give your Christian friends a calendar that echoes and embraces their faith. Each day on the calendar can be marked with an inspirational quote or verse from the Bible, reminding them that each day is special and is to be blessed. This really is the perfect pick me up gift for when life isn’t going too well. You can buy inspirational Christian calendars, or you could make your own.

3. Devotional journals

Journals are such a personal gift to give to your Christian friends. They provide that safe space into which they can write their thoughts and feelings relating to their faith. It’s a useful present as it can be given to those who attend Bible study, allowing them to track their spiritual journey throughout the year. You can also choose from a wide selection of ornate and intricately decorated devotional journals.

Enjoy your Christmas shopping and keep the true meaning of Christmas in your heart. Amen!

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