Faith World TV Newsletter – November 2023

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Programming Highlights:

We would like to share this months highlights from Faith World TV.

Why not connect with our Prayer-line every Monday from 15:00 – 16:00. Immerse yourself in a prayer filled hub with Pastor Samuel Offori-Kyere. Our interactive prayer platform serves believers from around the world who come together to seek divine guidance, comfort, and support. Our prayer line is designed to create a space of spiritual connection, where individuals can share their burdens, lift each other up, and experience the power of collective faith.

We understand the importance of prayer in our daily lives. It is a source of strength, a means of finding solace, and a way to deepen our relationship with God. Our prayer line aims to foster a sense of community and unity among believers, regardless of their location or background.

Whether you are facing challenges, seeking healing, feel stuck in life’s journey or simply desiring to connect with others on a spiritual level, our prayer line is here for you. Our dedicated team of prayer warriors is ready to listen, offer the support available and intercede on your behalf. You can expect confidentiality, compassion, and a non-judgmental atmosphere. We respect your privacy and understand that everyone’s journey is unique. You can call in using the designated number on screens.

We hope you enjoy the programme highlights, explore the featured ministries, and look forward to…

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