What is the real meaning of Easter?

It’s hard to miss the celebration of Easter as told in supermarkets and shops across the world. Chocolate reigns supreme as children wait for a bunny to hide eggs around their homes and gardens. The commercialisation of Easter means many have long forgotten and are not taught about the true meaning behind this Christian celebration, choosing to associate it with images of springtime and nature, or of observing re-birth through the world around us.

We often ignore the scripture behind these celebrations and the true meaning of the Easter celebration in its religious context. So what truly is the meaning of Easter? To answer that, we must look towards the Bible. Scripture tells us that Easter is the mourning and subsequent celebration of Jesus Christ. The story begins at the beginning of Lent, where we remember Jesus fasting in the desert for 40 days and 40 nights. Then we celebrate Psalm Sunday, where Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey for Passover and was met by a great crowd who celebrated his coming. But, come Maundy Thursday, the last supper, Jesus is betrayed by Judas and taken by the Romans to be crucified. After a decree from Pontius Pilot, Jesus is crucified on the cross and ascends into heaven.

As Christians we celebrate when He rises from the dead on Easter Sunday, a time to mark the grand re-birth of the Lord and Saviour. The celebration of Easter asks us to consider the cycle of birth and death.

Jesus died on the cross as a sacrifice for those he loves, to save the sinners from the wrath of God, so that all that believe in Him can go to Heaven. This atoning sacrifice asks us to consider our own actions and is a wonderful time to bring replection to our lives.

It’s hard to put a definitive answer on to what the true meaning of Easter is because – well – there’s more than just one meaning. Easter is about reflection and contemplation, a time to think about your actions and the way you behave. Easter is a time for rebirth and renewal, to observe God’s grace and His love for us all. But perhaps, most importantly, Easter is about remembering and celebrating the second coming of Jesus Christ and the sacrifice he made so that all humans may live eternally as God’s children. Luke 24:6 ‘He has risen!’

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